The System State encountered a problem: exit status 0xfffffffc

The error message "The System State encountered a problem: exit status 0xfffffffc" typically indicates that there was an issue while performing a Windows System State backup. The exit status code 0xfffffffc is a hexadecimal value that translates to a decimal value of -4.

There are a few possible reasons why this error might occur, such as:

  1. Backup destination (Spool Device) has insufficient disk space: If the drive where you're trying to store the backup doesn't have enough space, it can cause this error.

    This is the most likely cause of the error. The Windows System state backup requires a temporary location (Spool location) where it can create a copy of the backup. The eazyBackup application can then backup the system state backup from your local temp spool location to the cloud.

  2. Backup operation is interrupted: If the backup operation is interrupted, either due to a network issue, system reboot, or some other reason, it can cause this error.

Check the following:

  1. Ensure that the destination spool drive has sufficient disk space to store the backup.

  2. Verify that the backup operation is not being interrupted during the backup process.

  3. Review the system event logs at the time the backup runs for any related error messages or events that may help identify the cause of the problem.


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