How to Remove a Registered Device

You can log in to the same user account from multiple devices, each additional device registered will incur a charge. To stop charges for a registered device, the device must revoked from your account.

  • Revoking a device disconnects it from eazyBackup, stops backup operations and charges.

  • When you revoke a device, it will remove all its Protected Items, and all of their retention rules.

  • If the backup account still has at least one live device that stores data in the Storage Vault, it will run retention passes into the Storage Vault, eventually deleting the old Protected Item data. The amount of time the data will remain in the Vault is dependent on the Storage Vault retention policy.

There are currently two methods to revoke a device from your account. This operation can be completed from the Dashboard page, and also from the Backup Accounts Management page in the client area of our website.

Revoke Device from Dashboard:

Revoke Device from Account Management Panel:


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