Can’t login to eazyBackup – Login information doesn’t work

Please ensure you’re using the correct login information. Customers may optionally have a unique username/password for each backup account and a separate login for the client area.

Backup Account

You may have one or multiple backup accounts, each with a unique username and password. The backup account username/password you choose can only be used within the eazyBackup software and may not be used to login to the client area of our website.

Follow these steps to change a backup account password:

Client Area

When you purchase the eazyBackup service, your email is used to create a new account for billing and support services.

Your account email is used only to access the client area only and will not work when attempting to log into the eazyBackup software. Use the "Forgot Password" link on the client are login page to reset the billing account password.


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