Delete Backup Snapshots to reduce Storage Vault Size

You can remove backup snapshots from a Storage Vault as follows:

  1. Open the eazyBackup desktop application

  2. Click the "Restore" button in the left-hand menu bar

  3. Select the Storage Vault containing the backed-up data and click "Next"

  4. In the restore wizard click the 'Delete' button

  5. From the list of available snapshots, can select one or more to remove, and then click 'Delete'

  6. Once the removal of the snapshot is complete, you need to run a retention pass on the vault if you want to immediately clean up the deleted snapshots from the storage vault.

If you need to immediately reduce the size of your storage vault, you must perform step six to manually to invoke the retention pass. Data is not removed from a storage vault until a retention pass has been completed.

Delete snapshots from the Backup Application

Delete snapshots from the Control Panel


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