Cannot proceed – another task needs to finish using the Storage Vault firstChange of hardware causes registration dialog to appearDiagnosing Slow Backup JobsError “EFS-encrypted files may be unusable once restored”Error “Media is write protected” backing up OneDrive with VSSError “operation not permitted” macOSError “The target path ‘X:\WindowsImageBackup’ already exists – please safely remove this direct...Error backing up item exit status 3 Couldn’t create virtual device set: Unknown error 0x80770005Found packs in index but not appearing on disk. Reindex neededInactive / Abandoned “Running” JobsLost connection to local serviceLstat: CreateFile \\?\UNC\ backup: Access is denied.Mount path conflict: Can’t mount path inside real directoryOneDrive error “The tag present in the reparse point buffer is invalid”Out of memoryShared Memory Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL ServerVSS Error: Device is not readyVSS Error: Couldn’t take snapshot. The shadow copy provider had an unexpected error while trying ...Windows Backup encountered an error when writing data to the backup target.Error “Access is denied” when backing up files and folders on WindowsError “local error: tls: record overflow”Microsoft SQL Server backup encountered a VDI errorNetwork Connectivity ErrorsHow to Locate All EFS Encrypted Files for Windows 10 and ServerCouldn’t save folder details: fs.TempFile: Access is deniedCouldn’t save Office 365 data for account – The requested user is invalidWARNING Data error (cyclic redundancy check) occurred inside byte rangeSet-Disk : Access Denied During Disk Image BackupThe System State encountered a problem: exit status 0xfffffffcRuntime: VirtualAlloc of xx bytes failed with errno=1455 fatal error: out of memoryDisk Image Backup – Checking if device is ready: DeviceIoControl: The request could not be performedChecking if device xx is ready: DeviceIoControl: The request failed due to a fatal device hardware..x509 Certificate has expired or is not yet validCouldn’t load tree/xyz for subdirectory: tree/xyz not present in any indexOptimizing snapshot: not present in any indexReading subdirectories of – Open: /Files/Documents/ operation not permittedfile truncated (expected xxxx bytes, got 0)WARNING: Node (xxxx) filename.ext’ collision at position xxxxHow to easily find disks with read / write errors in WindowsMultiple connections to a server or shared resource errorApplication failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initializedOneDrive The cloud operation is not supported on a read-only volumeHyper-V Error: Backing up exit status 1 (skipping)