Inactive / Abandoned “Running” Jobs

Error: This job was thought to have stopped, but it seems to still be running.

eazyBackup on the customer PC is responsible for closing-off a job log, there are certain situations where a job would be left in "Running" state indefinitely, for e.g., If the PC is shut down unexpectedly.

To clear old, inactive "Running" jobs, you can try the following solution or contact support for assistance:

  • Solution:

    • The vault in use must be unlocked before new jobs can proceed. Run a retention pass on the storage vault to cancel abandoned / inactive jobs and unlock the vault - From the Settings Panel, right click on the Storage vault in use -> Advanced -> Apply retention rules now

    • Once the retention pass has been completed, try running a new backup job on the same device.

  • If the backup still fails after running the retention pass, please contact support and request the abandoned job to cancelled.


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