Storage Vaults

General tab

On the 'General' tab, you can give a name to the Storage Vault. You can use any name; if you have multiple Storage Vaults within an account, we would recommend using a name that identifies the content and/or purpose of the particular Storage Vault.

On this tab, you can also configure a retention policy for the Storage Vault.

Quota (Storage Vault)

When a backup job is performed, the total size of the Storage Vault is measured and checked against your quota limit. As the job proceeds, the amount of uploaded data is compared against the remaining available size, and the backup job will be aborted once reaching this limit.

After a quota has been exceeded

A backup job that is abandoned as a result of reaching its Storage Vault quota does not remove the chunks that were uploaded to the Storage Vault. Future backup jobs will almost certainly fail immediately. In this situation, you have two choices:

  1. Contact eazyBackup to increase your Storage Vault quota and retry the backup. This will cause any existing chunks in the vault to be re-used, accelerating the backup quickly up to the point where it was interrupted; or

  2. Use the "Apply retention rules now" feature to clear unused chunks from the Storage Vault. This will reduce the data size within the Storage Vault and allow future backups to proceed

You should choose one of the two options depending on your particular situation.

Storage tab

On the "Storage" tab, you can configure the data storage location for this Storage Vault. A number of types are available, including local disk storage, network accounts, and cloud storage providers.


The "Commands" feature on a Protected Item works the same way as for "Commands" on a Storage Vault or on a Schedule. For more information about the Commands feature, please see the Commands article.



eazyBackup automatically enables encryption for all Storage Vaults. This is not customizable; the "Encryption" tab solely serves to indicate that fact.

Storage Vault encryption is initialized upon first-use. You can use this tab to tell whether a Storage Vault has been initialized with an encryption key and when the initialization was performed (according to records in the user account profile).


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