Securing your Backup against Ransomware

To better protect your backups against unauthorized access and types of Malware such as Ransomware, we recommend locking the application when not in use.

As of September 1st 2023, the backup application will lock automatically when it is closed. Each time the application is opened, you will be required to enter the backup account username and password.

  • Open the eazyBackup application, select "Settings" at the bottom left side menu,

  • Select the "Account" button

  • On the Account tab, click the "Lock..." button to the right of the Username field.

  • If you confirm, the application will immediately lock and close. Your password is required to open the application again.

  • Each time you login to the application, you must lock it again following the steps above.

  • Locking the application will not interfere with scheduled backup jobs.

Enable 2FA

As an additional layer of security, it is possible to enable Two Factor Authentication for access to the application. Please see this article for steps to enable 2FA for your backup account.

Two-Factor Authentication for Backup Accounts


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