eazyBackup Control Panel

The control panel will allow you to remotely manage devices that are online and connected to the service. The control panel will allow you to do most things you can do in the desktop application.

  • At the login screen enter your backup account Username and Password.

    • The control panel does not accept an account email address, you must enter a backup account Username.

  • If you are an MSP with multiple backup accounts, login to each account you want to manage one at a time.

You can find your backup account username within the client area from Backup Accounts -> Manage Accounts.

Control Panel for eazyBackup Accounts: https://panel.eazybackup.ca/

Control Panel for OBC Accounts: https://panel.obcbackup.com/

Control Panel Features

  • Create and manage Protected items

  • Configure 2FA

  • Start and Stop Backup Jobs

  • Restore Items (Your can restore to the original device if connected, you cannot download the restore in the browser)

  • Add / remove storage vaults and manage vault retention policies

  • View and export job logs from the 'History' page.

  • Cancel running jobs from the 'History' page

Control Panel Demo


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