Error backing up item exit status 3 Couldn’t create virtual device set: Unknown error 0x80770005

This error might be caused if the user account running the backup is not included in the Security Setting for the "Create global objects" in the "User Rights Assignment" of the Local Security Policy.

In Control Panel, under Administrative Tools, open the Local Security Policy editor and expand ‘Local Polices’ -> 'User Rights Assignment' locate 'Create global objects'. Ensure that the group and or user performing the backup is within the Security Setting for the 'Create global objects' field. Add the user/group to this policy if they are not a member.

You may also want to change the backup service to run as a privileged user. Open Run -> services.msc, locate eazyBackup delegate and elevator services. Stop both services, change the login user to your local Administrator account or account with sufficient privileges and restart both services.

Ensure the account running the backup service (eazyBackup delegate and elevator service) also belongs to the 'Create global objects' listed above.


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