eazyBackup Software Structure

Application structure

The software is split into two components; backup-tool is a command-line tool which implements all the software functionality. The graphical user interface is backup-interface, which wraps this command-line tool.

Additionally, in future versions of eazyBackup, customers will be able control their installed software remotely by logging in to the customer portal at https://eazybackup.com/accounts/.

On platforms without a desktop interface available (e.g. Linux / FreeBSD server), only the backup-tool part is used, and you can control the application via the web interface.

Device registration

Each backup account can be used by multiple devices. This allows you to deduplicate backups from multiple accounts, since backups can be targeted to the same Storage Vault. Billing works on a per device basis, each device is allocated 1TB of storage. If you would like to add a device to your backup account, you can purchase an additional plan from the customer portal at https://eazybackup.com/accounts/.

When you log in to the same backup account from another device, such as a laptop or tablet, you will see a private view of Protected Items but a public view of Storage Vaults.

  • You can view, edit, and use Storage Vaults configured by other devices

  • You cannot view, edit, nor use Protected Items configured by other devices

  • You can restore data from any device's Protected Item (hidden by default)

  • You can view job logs from any device (hidden by default)


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