Setting up a New Backup Account (license) in My Dashboard

  1. Log into Your Client Area to access your dashboard.

  2. From your dashboard, under the PLANS dropdown menu, choose the product license you require.

You'll see Workstation and Fileserver licensing for both the eazyBackup and Private Label (OBC) products.

* Each license can also be chosen with the DiskImage add-on if you would like the ability to create an image backup as well as the standard file/folder backup.

  1. Once you’ve chosen your product, you'll move through a few quick questions setting up the license - choose a Username, Password and billing term (monthly, yearly).

*Each license comes with 1TB storage - it is at this stage where you'll be able to add on additional storage if you require more than 1TB. The same applies to add-on devices - if you require more than 1 endpoint (device), you can add on another device if needed.

*Add-on storage and devices can also be applied at a later date if/when required. * please contact your eazyBackup account representative if you have any questions.


  1. The last step will ask for your Partner Validation (Promo) Code. Each Partner/Reseller is issued a Validation code.

Enter your code and click "VALIDATE CODE".


  1. At the end of the transaction you'll be able to download the product software and carry on with your setup and deployment.

* Using your validation code will extend billing for 30 days. Your activation code can be used with every license you set up, whether it be a backup account for a client or a prospective client who's just Trialing.

* Backup accounts/licensing can be cancelled anytime within 30days. You can do this from within your dashboard area, or by contacting your ezB rep.


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