Manage Vaults on Protected Items – Add/Remove/Update

Protected Item schedules can be configured to back up to one or multiple storage vaults. It is also possible to change the vault used by the Protected Item schedule at any time.

  • The vault used during scheduled backups can be managed from the Schedule settings of the Protected Item.

  • By defining more than one schedule for a Protected Item, you can use that Protected Item to backup to multiple locations

  • You do not need to create a separate Protected Item to backup to different vaults. For example, if you want to back up to a both a local vault and a cloud vault, you can configure two schedules on one Protected Item. Each schedule you create can use a different vault, those schedules can run simultaneously or at different times.

The Protected Item schedule can be managed in the desktop application or online using the control panel. The video examples below show how to manage the vaults on a Protected Item schedule using either the application or the control panel.

Managing vaults using the application

Managing vaults from the control panel


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