Hyper-V Virtual Machine Backup Walkthrough

The Hyper-V Protected Item will help you perform backups of Hyper-V guest virtual machines on Windows Server.

The underlying technology is Microsoft VSS and is compatible with all versions of Hyper-V running on Windows Server, including Windows Server 2022 (the latest version at the time of writing).

This backup type is only applicable when running on Windows Server. Hyper-V on Windows Desktop is not supported by this Protected Item type.

eazyBackup integrates with the Hyper-V VSS writer to perform a Hyper-V backup snapshot, including support for in-VM quiescence on supported guest operating systems.

Backing up a Hyper-V virtual machine with eazyBackup includes, but is not limited to:

  • its configuration file

  • all attached virtual drives

  • the contents of memory (if the machine was running)

  • the full tree of saved checkpoints

You can select individual virtual machines for backup, or choose “All virtual machines”.

Step 1. Add New Protected Item:

Step 2. Select Microsoft Hyper-V backup type and give the Protected Item a name:

Step 3. Select VMs for backup by clicking the + button:

Step 4. Select all Virtual Machines or individual VMs for backup:

Step 5. The Item selection window shows you which VMs you have selected for backup - Click Next:

Step 6. Create a new schedule, click the + button to create the schedule:

Step 7. You can now name the schedule:

Step 8. Select the Time tab, click the + button to add scheduled run times:

Step 9. Set your start time, then click OK and Next:

Step 10. Default retention is 30 Backup Jobs, you can modify the retention settings here to suit your requirements:

Step 11. Click Finish to Save the Protected Item:


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